The Farm

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The Taylor family have farmed Broughton Grounds since 1914.
It has always been a traditional, livestock and arable farm expanded now to 350 acres.  Our main product is lamb and beef and we grow wheat, barley, oats and grass.  We belong to the Farm Assurance Scheme which guarantee our crops and animals are produced to the highest standard.  We have also built up a flock of 200 free range hens, so it’s always fresh eggs for breakfast!

We lamb 400 ewes, some in February and some in April.
Calves are born between September and March.  We shear the sheep
in June, cut the hay in July and harvest the cereals in August so
there is something to see all year round, depending on the weather.

With the mix of arable, grassland, woodland, ponds and hedges the farm provides the perfect habitat for birds, animals and wild flowers.  We even have our very own barn owls who rear their young each year in a walnut tree … you often hear them “snoring” at dusk!

In 2006 we were awarded Higher Level Stewardship status under
the government’s new Environmental Scheme, reflecting the sensitive way we have always farmed the land.

We welcome visitors to the farm. For further information on farm visits and to see our News Letter click here

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